Greater efficiency and higher yields start with Redekop.

Manage a range of residue issues, including:

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& plugging

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Toxic chaff

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Finer Wider Faster

The perfect chopper to fit your farm.

Not all choppers are created equal.

Upgrading your factory chopper with Redekop blades can improve the performance of your existing chopper, but nothing beats a complete Redekop Maximum Air Velocity (MAV) straw chopper for quality and consistency.

There’s a MAV Straw Chopper to fit most combines, new or used, and any header size, for a finer cut and more even spread every time.


Improve seeding performance with a consistent, fine cut

Reduce the risk of hair-pinning, toxic chaff and other issues


Spread residue further and more evenly

Get the perfect spread to fit your header size


A sharper cut uses less power, so you can cover more acres more quickly

Skip vertical tillage and heavy harrowing to finish your field faster

A breakthrough in crop residue management

Redekop's MAV Straw Chopper is easily adjustable to any field condition and features two zones for unrivalled, uniform cutting and spreading.

Cutting Zone

Tightly spaced, high quality carbide-coated blades

Finely cuts straw into uniform sizes

Spreading Zone

Fan blades create air speeds in excess of 160 mph

Unique tailboard design spreads residue up to 45 feet

Save time and money

Managing crop residue with your combine eliminates the need for additional field work with a heavy harrow or vertical tillage tool. As a result, the Redekop MAV Straw Chopper can pay for itself in less than a year.

Select the average number of acres you harvest with your combine




Acres per combine

Heavy Harrowing

  • Cost Per Acre*


  • Redekop Chopper Cost**


Vertical Tillage

  • Cost Per Acre*


  • Redekop Chopper Cost**


Vertical Tillage

  • Cost Per Acre*


  • CASE AFX Redekop Chopper Cost***


  • Source: Government of Saskatchewan 2016–17 Farm Machinery Custom and Rental Rate Guide

  • Average cost for most makes and models. Actual price may vary. Excludes CASE AFX. Please call for exact pricing.

  • Average cost for Redekop chopper for CASE AFX. Actual price may vary. Call for exact pricing.

  • In addition to estimated savings above, you’ll enjoy additional cost efficiencies from improved weed control, and reduction in hair pinning and other issues.

Discover the Redekop residue management solutions that are right for you

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Better Cut Longer Life Save Power

The ultimate blade upgrade.

Upgrade your chopper blades!

Each Redekop blade upgrade kit includes high quality, carbide-coated blades, complete with all the right bolts, nuts and bushings. Available for all major combine brands and models.

Better Cut

Noticeable increase in chop quality

Self-sharpening for the best straw-cutting action

Longer Life

Optimized, high-quality carbide coating for the longest life and sharpest cut

Reversible straight-blade design for twice the wear of some factory blades

Save Power

Carbide coating allows blades to self-sharpen and slice through straw with less force

Sharper blades cut straw more efficiently, conserving fuel and horsepower

More cut, less cost

Redekop blades not only cost less than OEM blades, with self-sharpening carbide technology they also last longer and require less energy, helping to reduce fuel consumption. Some are even reversible, getting you twice the acres out  of every blade.